Mongol sex chart

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In later centuries, the total number of horses used in the Chinese postal relay system alone would number up to 200,000, but the supply of horses was controlled by the same steppe “barbarians” who used them to raid and destroy (14), and sold them to Chinese buyers at great expense (13).

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In contemporary Mongolia, domestic horses are essential to herding life, serving not only as the primary means of transportation but also as an important livestock animal, providing milk and dairy products in the summer and early fall and meat for the late fall and winter months (3).Greek and Roman texts also indicate the development of specialized horse care in the classical world by the mid- to late first millennium BCE, and many of the most important early veterinary texts focused heavily on the care of horses and other equids (16, 17).Despite the apparent significance of equine veterinary care in China and other ancient societies, the origins of equine dental care are poorly understood.Although infamously associated with the conquests of Genghis Khan, horses and horse cavalry also underwrote the success of several northeast Asian nomadic empires over the past 2,500 y (4), including those of the Xiongnu (, Fig.S1), sometimes numbering in the hundreds or thousands (5, 6).

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