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I get asked out a lot; but statistically speaking, only accept about .05% of dates from dudes I meet in the club.Some female strippers pull from the patron dating pool more often, and other women let any handsome face become a distraction. I know a handful of strippers who quit the job at their partner's behest, EVEN THOUGH they had first met at her place of work.But as I gradually became comfortable with my new gig, I also got to know the quiet man who laughed at my jokes and loved pulled pork sandwiches.He asked for my number after he had spent weeks getting to know me and gauging a mutual interest."It's a nice way to unwind," she says, "and our glutes look amazing." I've met some hot bouncers in my time. It is incredibly rare for couples to share a working space in the club, and lots of industry managers and bookers know better than to schedule couples together.If there's a quarrel, nobody else on shift wants to hear about it.For me, I met the father of our child for the first time in July of 2009, a few weeks after I had started stripping.

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"My wife dances across town," says Mark, a Portland-area security guard.

It makes sense that people in the same industry would connect, yes?

Households with dual nightlife jobs are not uncommon, as cities with venues that house male and female strippers will inevitably end up dating each other.

Seven years later we are amicably divorced, with one offspring to show for it.

My story is not unique, as there are innumerable roads that lovers can take, but here are some common scenarios. It's basically in my job description to be charming and conversational, and some people get confused and can't measure or discern real interest and attraction.

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