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“They must be dating footballers, or rich businessmen” I’d think. I knew that the act of putting it all down on paper would force me to organise my ideas. Deconstruct everything down to the most precise do-this-say-that level. Ten years from now when I look back I want to say “that’s the best I could’ve possibly done it.” I won’t bore you with the stories of how hard I worked to get this book ready. We begin with a discussion of precisely what we are trying to achieve with daygame and what meta-level mindsets underpin it.

I thought I was driving straight for a disaster, but that’s when I noticed her intentionally laughing and touching my hands constantly.

The purpose is to kill her physical and psychological momentum so she will stop and listen to you.

You can then draw upon your mythology to create an Assumption Story about her (The Stack) that will encourage her to enjoy the conversation and wish to keep talking (Hook Point).

You have now earned time to amplify her attraction to you (Vibing) and build some initial rapport (Investment) until the time is right to take her number (Commit Her).

This is a finely-tuned precise sequence of events that can be deconstructed into its many component parts that you can analyse and practise.

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