Mass updating sql database

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Datasheets are grids of data that look like Excel worksheets.

You can change data by working directly in Datasheet view.

Typically, you use datasheets when you need to see many records at once.

Top of Page You must first find a record before you can edit or delete it.

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Is there a way to have SQL cycle though each row of the spreadsheet, check all records for a=old, b=old2, c=old3, d=old4 and then replace those values with the appropriate a=new, b=new2, c=new3, d=new4? Old Data D) Looks like Jeff got you the answer you needed, but for anyone looking to update a database from a Google Sheet, here's an alternative, using the Seek Well desktop app.I have a table with 10 millions rows that I need to join with another table and update all data. BOUGHT_IN_CONTROL_PANEL_FILE_ID FROM ( SELECT ID = 109 , PARENT_ID = 1 , BOUGHT_IN_FORM_TYPE_ID = 28 , PRIORITY = 100 , NAME = 'Tooling' , HEADING = 'Tooling' , DESCRIPTION = 'Enter you Machine Tools Here' , ICON = 'tooling.png' , BOUGHT_IN_CONTROL_PANEL_FILE_ID = CAST(NULL AS INT) UNION ALL SELECT 1,0,1,200,'Bought In','Bought In','','boughtin.png',null ) AS newdata JOIN bought_in_control_panel AS bicp ON newdata. ID s producing "newdata" will get thrown into a temporary table, potentially on disk, and there will be no index on ID in that temporary table which may be significant if there are many rows). Caveat 2: this feels somewhat hacky, and is considerably more verbose than the ideal in your example.

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