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Worse, most affluent Hispanics of that time rejected him, repeating the Anglos false claim that he was a communist agitator.Ironically, the children of those same uncooperative Hispanics continue to pass through the doors of opportunity opened wide by 1960s activists. Still, great leaders often apply unconventional means to get results.To Native Americans, it was an especially sore subject.Unfamiliar with European-style land ownership, they soon adapted and accepted the idea.Although land grants were not returned to their rightful owners (at least not yet), his success may be measured in other ways.Its not by accident that the 1960s brought human rights relief to the Southwest.Lastly, Hispanic Heritage Month 2017 and the 50th Anniversary of the Tierra Amarilla Raid remind us why, as Mr. Nava speak, many with minimal interest in pursuing their family history, but they came. One man who attended, got me into a corner and drilled me. Nava's name and reputation that attracted and contributed to the rapid growth of the Society of Hispanic Historical and Ancestral Research which still holds monthly meetings. The Student Manual guides the efforts of research and writing, with tips on interviews and organization of materials for the writing of the student's first book.

No stock shows a grander historic retrospect --- grander in religiousness and loyalty, or for patriotism, courage, decorum, gravity and honor.... Reies Lpez Tijerina, the raids leader, is a rarely-mentioned public figure whose endless energies fighting injustice are embedded in southwest social history. A gifted speaker, he was persuaded to leave the pulpit and become a social justice activist representing the large marginalized population he fondly called el pueblo.

Schmal Dorinda Moreno Natalie O'Neill Joe Parr David Parra Thenesoya Vidina Martin De la Nuez Elsa Mendez Pea Antonio de Mendoza Casas Dorinda Moreno Maria Angeles O'Donnell Olson Daniel A. Palmern Cordero Joe Parr With sincerest gratitude for the wonderful diversity of articles, information, links, and personal sentiments contributed by readers. We must learn from our mistakes so we can do better, so we can be better, so we are better.

D Dorinda Moreno Rafael Ojeda ngel Custodio Rebollo Tony Santiago John P. All of us can't forget the past as we need to embrace the good and bad of our common history.

You are an inspiration to all of us who value their history and ancestral heritage. We need to unite and live by the Constitution of our great and unique nation.

A Resource for Community and Classroom Use by Mimi Lozano Fact Tank: Our Lives in Numbers, How the US. Really American: Keith Nguyen Memories of the 1954 Laredo, Texas Flood by Gilberto Quezada Report: Army ends enlistment contracts for foreign-born recruits by Kyle Rempfer "We tactically abandon ourselves to the notion that our United States have been fashioned from the British Islands only, and essentially from a second England only -- which is a great mistake.... Ultimately, he decided to isolate his flock in a self-contained cooperative; far-removed from (in his view) a corrupt social system.

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