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The skin around the waist at the level of the umbilicus is supplied by the tenth thoracic spinal nerve (T10 dermatome).The umbilicus itself typically lies at a vertical level corresponding to the junction between the L3 and L4 vertebrae, Parts of the adult navel include the "umbilical cord remnant" or "umbilical tip", which is the often protruding scar left by the detachment of the umbilical cord.This is located in the centre of the navel, sometimes described as the button.Around the umbilical cord remnant, is the "umbilical collar", formed by the dense fibrous umbilical ring.Female navel exposure was banned in some jurisdictions, but community perceptions have changed to this now being acceptable.The navel and midriff are often also displayed in bikinis, or when low-rise jeans are worn.It is usually identified shortly after birth, since newborn infants tend to strenuously object to being pushed out into the world, making their hernias rather prominent.Unlike other hernia types, a belly button hernia often resolves itself.

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A herniated navel will protrude much more than an outie belly button, and it may be accompanied by pain and soreness, especially in adults.

This type of hernia can also be acquired by adults.

The navel region is vulnerable to herniation in infants because of the way in which the body develops, and because of the nature of the umbilicus.

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The umbilicus is a prominent scar on the abdomen, with its position being relatively consistent among humans.

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