Mahabharata war dating

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We feel that the Destiny has forwarded this letter backing and blessing the work of Dr. The periods of the various planets being known, have been used to find the positions of the planets, including Rahu and Ketu in the constellations of the sky by mathematical method. Thus the references to the Equinoxes and Solstices (Ayanas) have also been accounted for. Have delivered more than 2500 lectures all over India, particularly Maharashtra. [2] Veda Vidnyana Mandala for researches into the ancient Indian sciences in May 1 976. Bal Gangal, Acharya Balarao Savarkar etc, for the great research work done in the past 40 years. The Science of measuring Time in ancient India.-1 6. The ancient sages were keen to note down in their ‘Sankalpa’ of any function, the Tithi, Vara, Naksatra, Paksa, Lunar Month, Rtu, Ayana and Varsa. Greesma consisted of Suchi and Sukra, Varsa was composed of Nabha and Nabhasya, Sarad covered Isa and Urja, Hemanta was divided into Saha and Sahasya, Sisira was composed of Tapa and Tapasya. When this article was in the process of printing we received this letter on 8th Feb, 1989. A particular period has been obtained from the references to various dynasties of kings, account of writings of foreign visitors to India and of references in those countries in this connection like Greece, Egypt and Persia. The Tropical year and the Sideral year have been used for verifying these dates. [6] Autobiography, in which are recorded the experiences of 48 years in the practice of Yoga. Have read many research papers in many conferences like the Oriental, the Spiritual, Medical, Sanskrta etc. Has got Fellowship of United Writers’ Association of India, in September 2000. Has founded two Institutions : [1] Adhyatma Samshodhana Mandira for research in the spiritual sciences, in July 1975. Thus by this method we can get approximate span of the period in question if these points are available. Thus Madhu and Madhava were the two months of Vasanta Rtu.

He is our most active research worker doing research in Ancient Indian Science and Culture since 1 956. 3 The Scientific Dating of The Mahabharata War As historians are not the competent authority to judge the veracity of your paper, may I advise you to give wider publicity to your articles in the standard astronomical journals of India and abroad after modifying the titles of your articles so as to give them astronomical instead of historical look, so that you may receive authoritative and worthwhile comments of some notable scholar of astronomy on your method and calculations. in the various constellations are finalised by properly understanding the distribution in the Sayan and Nirayan systems. [2] Vastava Ramayana narrating true history of Rama, fixing dates of almost 50 incidents with the help of Astronomical mathematics. [1 5]Scientific Knowledge in the Upanishads and Geeta is handed over to Hinduja Foundation, Delhi for publication. In other words on 22nd June at the Summer solstice the Sun was residing in Chitra Naksatra during the Ramayana era. The Sun at Summer solstice has shifted by nine Naksatras from Chitra to Ardra. D.(Lit.) [Washington DC] is our founder member and Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Rama as well as articles on the Mahabharata and dates of the Epic battle and Gita . THE CORRECT DATE OF THE MAHABHARATA WAR Derived by Dr. 4 The Scientific Dating of The Mahabharata War I had the pleasure of going through the work done by Dr. The astronomical references in the Mahabharata have been gone through carefully and the positions of the planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mars etc. Address : 521 Shaniwar Peth, Pune 411030, Maharashtra, India. Authored and published twelve books in Marathi [1]Swayambhu showing Bheema as the hero of the Mahabharata, establishing the dates of 60 incidents from the epic and showing how far science was advanced then around 5561 years before Christ. [14] Scientific dating of the Ramayana and the Vedas. Valmiki in his Ramayana describes onset of Rainy season at Asvini Pournima. I would request you to send me various dates of the incidents of the life of Shri. Please note that the Super Computer has given the same date as Dr. We are glad to publish the letter of wrangler Chandratreya here. It is possible to determine the date of an astronomical reference by considering the movements of the planets including the Sun and the Moon in the various constellations of the sky, the movement of the Earth with its axis inclined to the ecliptic and the precession and nutation of this axis as well as the seasonal changes referred to in the text. Vartak, The Scientific Dating of The Mahabharata War’ and I find it very interesting. The report was kept published which got full corroboration after one month by N. In Samadhi, saw a man on a planet in a nearby solar system in 1 980 and is kept published awaiting corroboration by science in future. English Books : [1 2] The Scientific knowledge in the Vedas [published by Hinduja Foundation, Delhi.] [1 3] Scientific dating of the Mahabharata War. One month is shifted so we can say that Kalidasa was 2000 years ago. Bhagawata describes rainy season in Sravana Masa, so it is about 4000 years old i.e. Harivansa describes hot summer in Sravana 45 so it is 4000 BC. He has taken into account various opinions of other scholars. Thus Astronomy was developed and was used in the science of time measurement in the Ancient India. Total 327 years Thus the average is 36 years per King (327 divided by 9 = 36.3) I have taken here only the Indian rulers because the tradition of India is to take care of the young King and his Kingdom without doing self- coronation by killing the young king. This span of 25 days must have been the deficit be- tween the lunar and solar counting. After this Arjuna returned, spending five years with Indra. fw Lens S-33-M 3Wt KJT £frrfter s Tgjor 1-1-3-$, (9 c TMfcr srr§w 3-i-v &5TT. He has exposed advanced science from ancient Indian literature. He is very consistent in presenting all his evidences. By their positions time can be fixed exactly if we know the rotational period of the planets. Then he told that about 25 days were passed and then he tells that the 5th year started.

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