Limbaugh dating catherine

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Elton serenaded the 400 guests into the wee hours Saturday night to celebrate the marriage of Limbaugh and Rogers at the Breakers hotel in Palm Beach, Fla.

Despite his hospitalization a few days ago, Rush Limbaugh says there's nothing wrong with his heart.

Kathryn Rogers' photos reveal a much-younger bride for 59-year-old Rush Limbaugh. Kathryn was running Gary Player's annual celebrity charity golf tournament, where Rush was competing. While they remained close, Rush was apprehensive about marriage. I worry about it.” Kathryn stuck with Rush through difficult times and was considerate of the hearing loss, which has left him largely deaf and dependant on a hearing aid.

The two were married in a very private ceremony in Palm Beach, Florida, on Sunday after a courtship that lasted six years. He once told biographer Zev Chafets: “If Kathryn and I were to get married, I know they’d go after her. She nursed Rush's ego when his bid to buy the St.

Johnson, Vietnam, the Kennedy assassination, and Fidel Castro.

Rush Limbaugh's wedding in June garnered a lot of attention.

Limbaugh called the Georgetown Law student a sl*t and a prostitute for her support of women’s access to birth control.

As a former radio ‘broadcaster’ would say, ‘and there you have it folks!

’ Limbaugh signed off on 6/29 previous to the 4th of July vacation, saying: “By time Monday comes along my self worth may be so diminished, I may call in and ask can we work Monday/” No sympathy for the devil here.

Limbaugh has heaped enough hateful abuse during his alleged career and personal life that karma is just winding up to give him a well deserved kick him in the ‘nads.

Rackjite append um: I drew this cartoon in 1993 24 years ago.

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