Kuy dating

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This journey is all about understanding love, and the power of love which is above of all.

Though the twin flame journey starts with getting attracted to the person, sometimes being romantically involved with the person, and naturally developing in an expectation of getting married to live happily every after with the person — that is not its purpose.

The kyū ranking system varies from art to art and school to school.

In some arts, all the kyū-level practitioners wear white belts while in others different coloured belts, tags or stripes are used; in kendo for example the belt system is not used.

If you roll a 3, the couple is no longer together, due to either splitting up or death (your choice).

For instance, the Japan Kanji Aptitude Test which tests a person's ability to correctly read, write, and use kanji, is graded using kyū. Essentially, the kyū is the number of steps before reaching mastery whereas the dan gives steps into mastery. For instance, the United States Judo Federation has 12th kyū as the lowest grade for junior class, and 7th kyū as the lowest for adult class.

Marriage comes with lot of expectations, duties, give and take. Twin flames are not meant to indulge in a karmic relationship.

There are no expectations/ no give and take in twin flames. Some twin flames have some karmic give and take remaining, which they have to fulfill first before starting their journey towards their reunion.

So being married to him or not being married to him doesn’t make any difference.

Our connection is so strong that it can not be changed or manipulated by an earthly ritual like — marriage.

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