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Lou was also a Junior G-Man (a graduate of a through-the-mails detective school) and carried a toy cap pistol around with him for protection. The trial of a doctor who is accused of hastening the death of a woman afflicted with a terminal disease. The story of Liz Cunningham, a pregnant, unwed librarian, as she struggles to keep her child despite the embarrass- ment the birth will bring to the child's married fa- ther (Dave Collins). Cast: Juhet Mills (Susan Ma- roni), Virginia Vincent (Marian Webb), Colby Chester (Leonard Walters), Sam Vickers (Joseph Bernard), Charles Schu U (John Ryan). Cast: Sondra Locke (Nora Sells), Lola Albright (Mary Fiske), Rue Mc Clanahan (Carol Babcock), Marge Redmond (Mrs. Les was a capable and entertaining host, but his lack of respect for television tradition did not fare well with viewers — or critics and the show was canceled after a year. She had a high paying (but do nothing job) at a fashion magazine (which she got by sleeping with the publisher) but now works at a fash- ion boutique called Jeremy's.

"We've got to raise some money" is often said by Bud, as he and Lou are always behind in their seven dollar a week rent and finding work becomes a pri- ority. Guests: Harry Be- lafonte, Sidney Poitier, Diahann Carroll, George Kirby, Redd Foxx, Diana Sands, Richard Pryor, Pig- meat Markham, Moms Mabley. Cast: June Lockhart (Katherine Telford), Jack Stauffer (David Laughton), Renne Jarrett (Alice Laugh ton), John Lupton (Dr. Cast: Katherine Helmond (Liz Cunningham), Joel Fabiana (Dave Collins), Pat O'Brien (Dr. Saffy was born in 1975 and is called, among other things, "Little bitch troll from hell" by Patsy for her virtuous outlook on life. The first of two unsold spin-offs from The Facts of Life (see next title also).

Botchagalupe is the neighborhood's enterprising street vendor (seen selling fruit, vegetables, ice cream — whatever the episode called for). The overall title for a series of original 5 Abe I 15 television productions; a noble, but failed attempt to revive the glory of the anthology drama (so popular in the 1950s) on TV. A comedy about a football coach and his efforts to organize a professional team from a group of misfits. Cast: Larry Blyden (Todd), Donald O'Connor (Hermes), Phyllis Newman (Mary), Fred Clark (Dean Severance), Eddie Foy, Jr. Cast: Ralph Taeger {Patrick Malone), James Coburn {Gregg Miles), Allison Hayes {Chloe), Bobby Troup {Himself), Telly Savalas {Mr. Sheppard, Susannah's father) , Mabel Albertson (Mrs. The house at 412 Maple Street in Chicago is home to a man named Jim (no last name given), his wife Cheryl, and their children Gracie, Ruby and Kyle. Stories follow his efforts bring criminals to justice like is heroes — the movie detectives of the 1940s. Jose and Raul are two spirited Puerto Ricans who each possess a dream: Jose to become a world cham- pion race car driver; Raul to design racing cars.

The song "The Jazz Babies Ball" is used as the show's second season theme (over which a montage of Bud and Lou's movie clips is seen). Abigail "Abby" Walker is a young woman with a somewhat complicated life. Beauty tips, fashion advice and other topics of interest geared to women. A comical look at televi- sion news reporting as seen through the antics of a live anchorman and a group of puppets (the Krofft Marionettes) who assist him. Puppet Voices: Maurice La Marche, Bethany Owen, John Roarke. Listed below are some of the more outstanding productions. Sheppard, Susannah's mother), ]lm Backus (Su- sannah's Uncle Fred), Henny Backus (Susannah's Aunt Helen). Jim is the owner of the Grounds Up Designs con- struction company and is naturally rude and obnox- ious. Toomey Ace's accountant; Inch is the diminutive owner of The Shanty, a bar on the wharf; Luana is the sexy singer at the bar; Mello is Luana's accom- panist; Police Lieutenant Fanning is the cop Ace most often plagues with his incompetence. An animated adaptation of the feature film of the same title about Ace Ventura, a rather insane young man who has quite an unusual occupation: he is a pet detective. Hop- ing to earn the money they need to begin that dream, the friends pool their resources and open the Ace Moving and Hauling Service.

Entries are organized alphabetically by pro- gram title and cover network, cable, syndi- cated prime time, late night, daytime and Saturday morning programs.

In addition to regular series, aired and unaired pilot films are also included — the one-time-only programs for potential series that never achieved a weekly commitment.

While the rules of the rooming house are quite strict ("no cooking cabbage in the apartment; no door slamming; no loud radio playing after ; no pets; no babies") Lou most often breaks the no-pet rule with Bingo the Chimp, a chimpanzee he adopted while working in the pet shop. Cast: David Ackroyd {Major Tim Dorsey; the Headmaster), Jimmy Baio {Cadet Buzz Ryan), Peter Frechette {Cadet George Knight), John E Navin, Jr. Ashley, the group leader, has the code name Sarong. Joanna, born in the Mid- west, replaced Krissie as the team's computer oper- ations specialist.

(When they can't find work they sell what lit- tle valuables they have at Hock Shop Harry's.) Bud and Lou did have a number of jobs throughout the series run. Morton), Philip Clark (Mike Rodman), De Forest Kelley (Dr. She has a rather dull life but, as the series progressed, found a bit of excite- ment (especially when she did humanitarian work in Uganda and become pregnant. Bubble is Eddy's batty secretary; Sarah is Saffy's friend. Cast: Jennifer Saunders {Eddy Monsoon), Joanna Lumley {Patsy Stone), Julia Sawalha {Saffy Monsoon), June Whitfield {June Monsoon), Jane Horrocks {Bub- ble), Christopher Malcolm {Justin), Helen Lederer {Catriona), Naoko Mori {Sarah), Celia Imrie {Clau- dia Bing), Tilly Blackwood {Lady Candida), Kathy Burke {Magda), Gary Beadle {Oliver), Mo Gaffney {Bo Turtle), Christopher Ryan {Marshall Turtle). The story, set at the Stone Military Academy in Peekskill, New York, focuses on the antics of a group of mischievous cadets.

These mostly one-day employment op- portunities included being waiters at Brodie's Sea Food Restaurant; wallpaper hangers; pest extermina- tors; pet store owners; delivery boys for the Susque- hanna Hat Company on Fluegel Street and soda jerks. In the pilot episode, the street-wise Jo, a student at the Eastland School for Girls, arranges for Blair, her beautiful but snobbish friend, to escort Buzz Ryan, a cadet at Stone, to a military dance. This enables them to help governments or companies without the impediments of red tape (or ever being traced). was still located in Acapulco but the team was now headed by Nicole De Naurd. Nicole keeps a poison capsule in her bra (for use on her enemies) and uses her beauty and charm to get men to do what she wants.

Lou was born in Paterson, New Jersey, and men- tioned that he helps support his sister and three nieces. The story of John Connors, a biographer, and his search for a deceased novelist's personal papers — now jealously guarded over by his last mistress. A late night attempt by ABC to put a dent in the ratings of NBC's Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. She is not only a smoker and drinker, but also a nymphomaniac and an ex (and aging) model.

Bud, who gets the hiccups when he's nervous, mentioned that he was a professional loafer (one who makes bread; not, as Lou believes, one who gets paid for doing nothing). Five 90-minute stories were presented: L I Never Said Goodbye (12/3/73). A police lieuten- ant's widow (Susan Maroni) risks her life to prove that her husband was not on the take at the time of his apparent suicide. A young woman's (Nora Sells) search to find her real mother. Cast: Harris Yulin (John Connors), Barbara Barrie (Tina Bordeaux), Cath- leen Nesbitt (Juliana Bordeaux), Geraldine Brooks (Mary Prest), Naomi Stevens (Maria). While the ABC show followed the same basic format (celebrity interviews) it also featured a rebel host (Les Crane) who tried to run the show the way he wanted — not the way he was told to do. Patsy also played a Bond girl in a James Bond movie.

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