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Below are some examples of his intricate design patterns found in both print and in his architecture.Wright later worked under Sullivan, which was Chicago's most progressive architect at that time, who had strong influence on him.Meggs writing that "At the turn of the century he was at the forefront of the emerging modern movement" on page 233 pretty much sums it up!One of the aspects I love about Wright's design is that it was one of the first design movements that had his origin straight from the United States.Of course, being educated in engineering at the University of Wisconsin, Madison helped.(Although he had to drop out to pursue a career in architecture).

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Since he hailed from the flat prairies of the midwest, it would then make sense that he would like using very flat long horizontal lines that resembled the environment where his buildings existed.

Two years ago, on another trip to Chicago, I was fortunate enough to take a tour of his home and design studio in Oak, Park IL.

I had very little knowledge of Wright and his influence on design previously.

We see many of his design containing geometric shapes, often repeating lines and in both symmetric and asymmetric patterns.

On the tour in Oak Park, I heard this was because of his fascination with the wood blocks used to educate children in mathematical concepts in German Kindergartens.

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