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Other issues that may be considered social problems aren't that common in the US and other industrialized countries, but they are huge problems in developing ones.

The issues of massive poverty, food shortages, lack of basic hygiene, spread of incurable diseases, ethnic cleansing, and lack of education inhibits the development of society.

This is diversity of solutions, which may mean that the country cannot commit to a single way to solve an issue, because there are too many ideas operating on how to solve it.

Any proposed solution to something that affects society is likely to make some people unhappy, and this discontent can promote discord.

Moreover, these problems are related to each other and it can seem hard to address one without addressing all of them.

It would be easy to assume that a social problem only affects the people whom it directly touches, but this is not the case.

Though the United States was a strong supporter of the need to develop a Jewish State in Israel, its support has come at a cost of its relationship with many Arabic nations.

Additionally, countries that allow multiple political parties and free expression of speech have yet another issue when it comes to tackling some of the problems that plague its society.

There is currently no convincing explanation for why we dream or what we dream about.Easy spread of disease for instance may tamper with the society at large, and it’s easy to see how this has operated in certain areas of Africa.The spread of AIDs for instance has created more social problems because it is costly, it is a danger to all members of society, and it leaves many children without parents.Part of this is due to the fact that any members of a society living close enough together will have conflicts.It’s virtually impossible to avoid them, and even people who live together in the same house don’t always get along seamlessly.

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