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So, I finished the Twilight series and I must say I was completely horrified by the last book. And who would have thought vampires could knock up humans. In the first book she was a junior in high school, then all of a sudden she’s married, popping out a demon child, and gets turned into a vampire. And I was also depressed by this weird “love” thing going on.

Amy Poehler, barbara walters, blair waldorf, blake lively, Chace Crawford, chuck bass, dan humphrey, ed westwick, Gossip Girl, homework, jenny humphrey, leighton Meester, michael cera, Michael Phelps, nate archibald, nick and norah's infinite playlist, nutella, ouija board, penn badgley, Robert Pattinson, Ryan Lochte, serena van der woodsen, sex, sexually active, spanish, taylor momsen, twilight, whoopi goldberg This is going to be the worst World Series ever. Right when I typed the title of this post (about a picture of Michael Phelps) a commercial with Michael Phelps came on! ) and Phelps looks suprisingly good so I will share. I’m not going to lie, there would be a good chance I might, but I would definitely make fun of myself later. By Jean De Placido Staff writer BEVERLY — Long before Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte was scheduled to appear at the Beverly YMCA Sterling Center yesterday, his young followers flocked to the gymnasium, anxiously awaiting a sighting of the popular swimmer. I love her new clothes, hate her orange skin, and she could lessen up on that makeup. I would probably just stare like I did at the So You Think You Can Dance tour. It was a rare opportunity to see Lochte, who won gold medals in both the 2004 Olympics in Athens and the Olympic Games in China this past summer. I have to research Obama in Spanish for my debate tomorrow. (Photo by Mark Dadswell/Getty Images) " data-medium-file=" The United States won the race in a time of .56, a new World Record.

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