Is he playing the dating game

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Dig deep, connect through stories, talk about your core values, and let your guard down.” If you don’t, you risk wasting your time, falling for a façade and even boredom due to a perception of perfection.

How You Met Him Do you remember how the two of you met?

These are REAL signals – not those ones you usually see on magazine covers…This is one that most women mistake when it comes to guys.

They think that he’s just acting like a douche, when in fact he’s just trying to impress you.

or if you’re just trying to make sure he’s not gay.

I can’t tell you how many women are chatted up by a gay man who just wants to shoot the breeze.

But still we’re stuck with – what do we say to him?

“If he puts work first all the time, cancels on you last minute, and is constantly emailing, texting, and taking calls when you’re out, expect for his business to always come first.” How He Deals With Stress Real character emerges during times of stress and conflict.

When things get rough at work or home, does he roll with the punches or become overly stressed and blame everyone and everything for his troubles, including you?

If he’s showing off at all, that’s an indication that he wants you to find him:– Important– Dominant (more on this in a bit)– Attractive Why?

Because even though you might think you don’t care about his status – YOU DO. This is a throwback to evolutionary processes, and back to the days when we were in tribes of just a couple hundred people.

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