Is deshawn jackson dating someone

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Outwardly, Shawn is a rebel, giving him more of a "bad boy" reputation and a popularity boost; he is occasionally given to stormy emotional outbursts, but his closest friends know that these are due mainly to his familial circumstances, having lived much of his life with little or no parental guidance.Beginning in his middle school years Shawn is a skirt-chaser, usually never staying in a relationship longer than two weeks. Please do not post inappropriate comments, this is a friendly forum for fans.Though best friends, Shawn and Cory are almost complete opposites of one another.Shawn overhears, and feeling unwanted by everyone, he decides to run away.Jonathan then offers for Shawn to come and live with him, and Shawn accepts. Turner, and having a constant authority figure in his life. and now till this day she messes with kd while she married to deshawn.

Shawn's mother, Virna, abandons him and leaves him homeless.

Back at the Matthews home, it's revealed that Chet will not be returning for a while.

Alan and Amy tell Chet that they can't take care of Shawn forever.

After graduating high school, Shawn (with Cory and Topanga) enrolls at Pennbrook University where Mr. Out of all of the characters in the series, Shawn endured the most in the way of loss: To his credit, Shawn's hard luck has served to make him stronger in the long run. In the first season, Shawn is shown to be best friends with Cory.

The subject of his family is marginally touched upon, focusing mainly on the difficulty of his father being laid off and therefore unable to afford Christmas presents or even lunch money for Shawn.

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