Introvert women dating tips

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Instead, I am saying that there is a lot of power to being open and content with the consequences.Trying your best, understanding that the worst won’t destroy you, and moving on.I still feel like throwing up when I want to approach a stranger.Getting over that hump each time is one of the toughest things I’ve had to do in my life.Many already have boyfriends and aren’t in the state to be approached or hit on.The worst advice is to meet women at a commercial gym. They don’t want to be bothered, they’re in and they’re out of there, and they’ve already endured enough approaches that they’re prepared to be cold to you.I’ve been guilty of going many days with zero chances or attempts to meet a new woman my age.Living in a smaller town definitely makes this harder, so keep in my geography.

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Nor am I saying for you to go crazy and ask out any girl with a pulse that you see on a daily or weekly basis without worrying about the consequences.

Perhaps, it’s the fact that I’m Asian American and therefore, not seen sexually or just average, but I’ve wasted over half a decade on the sideline.

If you’re one of the many introverts hoping women will make any indication of the first move, you better hope you get lucky.

The trauma of the rejections and reactions I got with a shotgun stranger approach likely caused a good amount of anxiety that has prevented me from progressing. This is a dangerous and easy fantasy for introverts because they’re scared to ask anyone out.

Therefore, they can stay in their head believing their lack of courage was the only thing holding them back.

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