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While marketing teams can spend months trying to get in front of other people’s audiences, there’s enormous power in investing the time to cultivate audience.

It opens opportunities for you to consistently sell products and spread ideas.

In other words, email only worked in collaboration with other people.

As a result, rapidly growing professional and social pressure skyrocketed it into everyday use in just a few years. Today, it is still one of the most prominent digital marketing tools.

And hands down, the best way to grow an audience is via email.

Digital marketers and growth hackers swear by it, emphasizing how powerful email is compared to social media marketing and other strategies.

The golden rays of sunlight reflect of the ice making a beautiful image for the Camera to capture.

I ended up having the photo expose for 3 seconds roughly, and using off camera flashes to expose myself.This is an image I captured of a crane taking flight on a beach in the Maldives. I was watching a few of these birds and as this particular one took flight I managed to take this photo with my i Phone.I was at the Botanic Gardens in Singapore, and I saw a nice light coming through the branches of the trees with mist from a flower spray and colours combined together and I was desperate to take a photo of it.Minutes after taking this photo, the sky cracked open with thunder and lightning and the cars raced away. After all, to send an email, you needed to first convince someone else—a friend, colleague, spouse—to create their own email account.

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