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I told my friend who is a female, that I didn't see anything wrong with it and gave a few reasons why.

I am a grandson of a former Conservative rabbi, a former student of a Conservative Jewish day school, a former president of the Detroit chapter of USY, and a former Conservative Jew.

It is not uncommon for teenagers to travel around Israel on their own or in groups, as the country is so small.

With detailed directions from my friends, I took local transportation and visited Noa in Binyamina, Yabi in Raanana, and Hassan in Kabul.

If my former youth group, and in essence my former movement, is willing to compromise its commitment to the preservation of Jewish nationhood in the name of inclusivity, then why doesn’t it just say so?

It is clear that this movement is on a path of setting its commitment to its original, cardinal principles aside in an effort to salvage some of its continually dwindling membership and “changing with the times.” The addition of Hebrew words in the language which adopts the permissibility of interdating is truly laughable.

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