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My son Ramesh I never thought I can give this kind of present for my son from me on the new millennium.

”Ramesh paused again for a while and then said “aah…I want something…is underneath your saree mom..”I was stunned.

Ramesh too started talking kinky after he knew that his dad is sleeping in his room.

My son Ramesh is working in US and returned home for the millennium.

I too was tired from our my sexual encounter and dozed off thinking about all that happened we hours ago.

And I am wearing my blouse unhooked and completely naked below my stomach with my cunt filled with his son’s thick cum.

He paused a while and then said “I will have my next round after dad is gone to work”.

He ripped my saree off and threw it on the couch and dragged me to our bedroom while hugging me and caressing my breasts.” Ramesh blushed a lot and said “Na…I am too young for it”.

During our fuck session he kept saying words like “Ah!He then collapsed on me patting and puffing as if he had been thru an aerobic session.He concluded “I love you mom”I said “I love you too son” as he moved to kiss my lips.Say you live in an apartment and the mailbox is in one area with other mailboxes. Typically, if you have someone like a guardian or parent who receives mail. I would put your name, just make sure your name reflects on your mailbox or the post office is aware.Usually they have some sort of identifier in the back panel of the mailbox. So if your roommate is the person who's name is identified, then in care of your roommate's name would make sense.

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