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FP will not distribute any of your information to any third party.Should you wish to withdraw your consent, you may delete your account via the Delete Account link on your Kennel Settings page.If a player is found to be attempting to maliciously and/or knowingly collect funds (real life or in-game) and/or taking credit for work that is not theirs, they will be at risk of having their account immediately frozen.FP reserves the right to shut down at any time for any length of time or permanently without any warning or reason given.The furry community is and should be an accepting place.

By using our Game, you agree to be bound by Section I of these Terms ("General Terms"), which contains provisions applicable to all users of our Game which apply to everyone, "basic" accounts and "elite" accounts alike.

In other words, if I decide to close down FP, I can.

If I decide to close FP for a while for renovations, bug fixes, anything else, or no reason at all, I can.

Therefore, FP will not accept any responsibility for the distress that some of the aforementioned areas might hold.

Furry Paws will be enforcing a ZERO TOLERANCE SCAMMING POLICY.

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