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Searching for that answer, they turned the browser history files over to Local 6.

After authenticating the records and interviewing defense, prosecution and Sheriff's Office sources, it became clear: two citizen-investigators accomplished in less than three hours what an army of Orange County investigators and prosecutors failed to do in three years: uncover in detail what Casey Anthony was doing online the day Caylee died.

Kevin Stenger, has retired and could not be reached for comment. 6, 2012, email exchange with a Phoenix attorney who obtained the browser histories in August through a public records request, Osborne offered this explanation for the oversight: "I have a very good reason why (the foolproof suffocation search) wasn't brought up during trial.

I was never asked to conduct a search for 'suffocation' and the word does not appear in the Internet artifacts we prepared for trial, unfortunately." In a statement to Local 6 on Monday, the Sheriff's Office stood by Osborne and echoed her defense: "The Firefox record which contains the Google search for ‘suffication' was neither extracted nor examined.

In his powerful opening statement, Baez described the resulting scene between father and daughter, after Caylee's wet, limp body was recovered. But Casey Anthony never took the stand and the state did not elicit from any other witness even the skeletal browser evidence it did have.

Sheriff's computer investigators copied the entire hard drive from the Anthony's HP desktop computer after seizing it in July 2008 and gave prosecutors vague analysis of its activity and fragments of a minuscule amount of the vast information on them.

The sheriff turned over the original hard drive to the Baez team in 2008 after it had been copied, Baez said.

A search for the keyword ‘suffocation' was never requested from any OCSO investigator or the prosecutor's office at any time during the investigation; therefore, this Internet record was inadvertently not discovered by Detective Osborne. The agency has confidence in her knowledge and expertise in this very complicated field of computer forensics."When it comes to blame, the prosecution notes it requested the information from the Sheriff's Office; the Sheriff's Office states it was never asked to search for "suffocation." But both agree on this point: No one can say for certain whether the jury would have reached a different verdict if the evidence had not been overlooked.

Bringing the evidence to light Repeated requests by Local 6 beginning in 2009 for a copy of the hard drive that contained the Internet histories were denied by the state attorney's office, which claimed -- correctly, it turned out -- it did not have the data in its possession.

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