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A dominant-submissive sexual relationship is about the wilful exchange of power.I, the submissive, hand over power to you, the dominant, who accepts this power for a period of time and uses it upon me and we satisfy our desires together.You may begin with a conversation to establish the preferences of the user, and then illustrate the setting and use language that appeals to all of their senses.Remember, the responsibility of physically experiencing pleasure lies with the user.Yes, chatbots are about convenience and fast communication.

For the most part, the convenience of labels and definitions can be helpful to those of us who identify as sexual beings in exploring and expressing our desires. The basic interaction is simpler than the average face-to-face human interaction, because the conversation is predictable, controllable, and void of non-verbal cues.

The ideal situation embodies the concepts of respect, responsibility, communication, and consent.

I feel safe when I am powerless, because I am an equal partner in this exchange.

It is also the biggest and most avoidable pitfall of adult chatbots today.

As a developer, you don’t have to delve straight into a sex act in order to please the user.

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