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Bondage, latex, punishment, fetish wear and sex toys are all at your disposal to create scenes of your choosing.

Whilst there are no specific foot play actions, the scenes are controlled entirely by you and the choice of positions, foot accessories and actions are in your hands.

Popular video games such as Overwatch, Mass Effect, The Witcher, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider and Bio Shock can all throw up some great feet focused shots.

There is even a Reddit group set up to share screen shots of these moments.

The game supports VR and you can explore the world with a headset like Oculus Rift to really get an experience.

Playing 3DX Chat requires subscription membership which costs from .95 per year.

As far as games dedicated to feet go, there aren’t that many out there but there are certainly some adult games which can be made use of to highlight the feet.

In our searches, we also found some interesting titles which might not float everyones boat but could be a bit of fun.

Take screen shots and save to keep a record of your game play.The basic premise is that you are a high school student who is chasing after a female student (Riko).The storyline gets a little weird in places but fundamentally is a battle mode between you and Riko where you can gain points by performing actions on each other.When it comes to podophilia (or foot fetish) games, there are several mainstream games which have some good expansion packs.In addition, some lesser known developers have produced some great offerings which focus on the feet.

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