Files in etc need updating

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Users will need to migrate to other alternatives to prevent trouble when updating to Debian 11.

This includes the following features: Debian 10 includes several browser engines which are affected by a steady stream of security vulnerabilities.

It’s WSL’s job to write/update Linux file metadata for all the files under your Linux filesystem root (i.e.

/), storing the Linux metadata in each file’s NTFS extended attributes.

The list of valid strings for the minimum protocol version can be found in SSL_CONF_cmd(3ssl).

This moves from the 80 bit security level to the 112 bit security level and will require 2048 bit or larger RSA and DHE keys, 224 bit or larger ECC keys, and SHA-2.

The system wide settings can be changed in can also set the security level.

The high rate of vulnerabilities and partial lack of upstream support in the form of long term branches make it very difficult to support these browsers and engines with backported security fixes.

Additionally, library interdependencies make it extremely difficult to update to newer upstream releases. the webkit and khtml engines source package is covered by security support.

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