Era not updating dating a girl four years older

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50 % summer effort) during the Summer Term (20 hours per week), we do not need to change the summer pay rate (because ERA calculates salary based on 1 FTE).OR Tuition Remission automatically calculates for graduate students.Project periods default to 12 months (9 academic and 3 summer).If the duration will not equal 12 months, change the AY months and/or summer months and this will update the total duration.

If the sponsor has an approved rate with ASU, the rate and base will automatically populate in Question 3 and those rates will be used.

If the graduate student is a TBD employee, the RA will need to manually calculate their salary.

If the student’s offer letter states they will be paid ,000 during the calendar year for .5 FTE.

Users should change the start date, as appropriate.

Federal sponsors will default to 5 budget periods and non-federal sponsors will default to 2 budget periods.

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