Disaster movie lyrics dating

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Rating: Unfortunately there is not a number low enough (yes this includes negatives) to rate this.This deserves to be in the top 5 worst films of all time, right there with Date Movie, Epic Faliure... I would rather be forced into a 24 hour "Manos: The Hands of Fate" marathon than watch this slop.

Selzterwater and Failburg once again have shown that they lack any sort of writing skill and humor.First of all a spoof film entitled "Disaster Movie", should indeed be a spoof on disaster films.Now I have seen 1 (yes count them, 1) disaster film being spoofed, that being "Twister".The "Chipmunks" later sang Chipmunk Boogie, in which Will, Calvin, Giselle joins them by dancing.Will & Calvin find them cute & harmless but after they said that, the "Chipmunks" show their true nature by singing a dark rock song "Chipmunk Metal", surprising the main characters.

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