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READ ALSO: Kenyan TV host rekindles moments with her ex-husband for the sake of their kids (photos)The only thing that the man is holding onto is a small paper bag that he holds close to his chest as he bears the hot coastal sun.It contains his identification documents; his German passport and identity certificate. The only recollection that people who know him have are his philandering ways.

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The staff all left at 4pm so they could get home before the animals began to prowl (in fact, the staff still do but sadly the animals do not! The forest was full of bush pig and there were lions and leopards drawn by the lure of tasty pork morsels. According to an old fisherman, the first building to go up was a store (now an office and store) in which the cement was locked and the first house to be built was Kualuka.

After that came Bwaa and Dzumbe and then Chikore, Tsulini and Ko Kare which were built as ‘guest houses’ to circumvent the planning regulations of those days which specified 4 acres as the minimum amount of land per house.

These were the original beach cottages for rental on the South Coast which then had three small hotels: Jadini and Sandy Bay (later Trade Winds) owned by the Trench family and Two Fishes, owned by Mr and Mrs Fish.

We live within nature’s cycles and do not water the lawns during the dry season.

The buildings are designed to utilise the breeze for natural cooling.

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