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The votes were Rocker 5, Martin 1 (Eric abstained).

John Rocker was then burned.2004 - There was a lot of sentiment around burning ‘alleged’ steroid user Barry Bonds.

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How soon until fans revolt for paying outrageous ticket prices?

However, Tom refused to allow his extra (non-laminated league-issued) A-Rod to be burned and after much hand wringing, we moved on without a card burning for the first time in draft history.

I printed off a computer version of A-Rod and an old computer version of Clemens (to prevent a reoccurrence of last year when the league voted to burn A-Rod, but Tom refused to allow his A-Rod to be burned). Eric 2 I’m sure this comes as no surprise to Robin (who notes that this number is even more striking given that some of her players died and were thus unlikely to be drafted posthumously).

Future Wax - 9,922,205 Six years ago, in the last SOMBILLA Salary study, the cheap bastards of RAT had the league’s lowest payroll.

They’re not as cheap as they were, moving up to be a mid-market team .

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