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I thoroughly enjoy David De Angelo’s video programs of his seminars.

He knows how to get good guests and the majority of the advice holds up over time.

He says it has “step-by-step techniques for overcoming fear, approaching women, getting emails and phone numbers, and setting up dates.” David does most of the speaking early on. David De Angelo is truly one of the best dating experts in the world.

The guest speakers include Neil Strauss (Style), Lance Mason (Pickup 101), Chris Carter, “Doc”, Zan Perrion, Leil Lowndes, Geoffrey Miller and others. Each guest speaker gives dating advice or theory from their own area of expertise. And start giving our honest opinions in this Advanced Dating Techniques review! (UPDATE: There’s currently a 50% off discount which now makes this program a great deal.) – It seems a bit slow moving and full of too much theory at times. These include inner game, approaching girls, setting up dates and even online dating.

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The program contains more than 12 hours of ideas, concepts, techniques, and scripts. It offers unique tips and techniques that will make the user stand out and improve their dating game significantly.I think this program will definitely get the best results for guys who are already really serious about improving their dating lives and are looking for a way to totally transform their reality with women.Also, we at home are never shown the power-point visuals they are showing to the live audience and so we often feel left out.And this program was one of his first of many more babies to come to help close the gap between what these men want, and where they want to be.For instance, it helps users make a good first impression, get contacts, get a date, make their move to mention a few.

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