Dating your girlfriend best friend

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These thoughts will help you know what you actually desire.

Never forget how much important his or her friendship is to you.

Don’t hold your feelings up and hope they’ll go away.

Seldom, they will just quietly develop inside of you.

Try to limit the contact too to get over your feelings totally.

It is better to curb your feelings before ruining everything.

Sometimes, an obsession can be defeated when you load yourself up to the edge and feel ill about it.

If you are sure about your feelings then many things can be done to get over a crush on your best friend which will also help you to save your friendship.Avoid going to places together and deny him/her when they ask you to go out with them.When you will stop seeing them and stop spending time with them on a regular basis then it will be easy for you to overcome your feelings to get over your crush. You have to know that crushes are nothing but passing moments of crazy infatuation.Try to think about how it would be when you both will not be able to love even as friends.Or even if you start dating him or her and due to some fights break up then you will lose your best friend and relationship both which will be a lot to handle.

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