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Fast forward to seven years later: earlier this month I was asked to give a pre-Valentines Day talk about my depressing singles map at Geo NYC, a super cool group of mapping folks. Apologies, single ladies of Manhattan, but East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet.

Since they were all New Yorkers, I thought, why not break the singles down by ZIP code and give them a little something more to chew on? , the strongest outpost for single women in almost the entire map: Brownsville.

My singles map gets updated every single year, and every time it’s the exact same result: you complaining ladies must be crazy. While there might be more single men in NYC than single women, they aren’t who you think.

Take a look at this map about what life is really like as a single person in NYC – it’s singles organized by age and zip code. Note #2: This data is from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, Table B12002. Men have a couple holdouts, with the blue chunk on the left and the one at the bottom.

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If you just can’t wait, here’s a sneak preview: our arch-nemesis Silicon Valley is looking blue as the sky.

According to the Census Bureau, “single” is everyone who isn’t currently married, and it completely ignores sexuality, so this is far from an exact science! My original map (and others like it) were collected at the area of a Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), a grouping used by the Census Bureau to put cities and their immediate, tight-knit suburbs together. The one on the left is Hell’s Kitchen – commenter Steve wrote in to say “in the past few years it has become a hub of the gay community which is why it’s all young single guys.

Since these areas are basically married, it makes sense to treat them as a single statistical area, right? It’s what Chelsea once was.” As for the one on the bottom, I spend a lot of time down under side of the Manhattan bridge, and while it looks like the Lower East Side I can tell you this: all of those single men are living in Chinatown.

I think the correct phrase for this situation is “and you won’t believe what happened next.” See all that pink? The tiny, fleeting pieces of blue are majority single men. The trend spreads out to Bed Stuy and East New York, and continues down through Flatbush and other predominantly African-American areas of Brooklyn.

While I Here’s what I do know: if you Manhattan ladies are willing to pack up your U-Haul, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

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