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Grab a motorbike and explore Thailand’s countryside far away from the tourist masses, or eat and party your way through the pulsating capital Bangkok.

Join a silent Buddhist meditation retreat, or dive among world class reef!

Starting in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, make your way south to Phuket.

If you go overland, make a side trip to Kanchanaburi, a beautiful national park, though it makes more sense to fly for not that much more money. Phuket is the gateway to the Andaman Sea in Southern Thailand.

Whatever you want to do, you can do it in Thailand.

A great day trip option is Bangkok to Ayutthaya where you can get your first glimpse of jungle temples reclaimed by nature.

Thailand is the travel hub of Southeast Asia and the center of the universe for most first-time backpackers.

With its lush jungles, famed beaches, world-class diving, delicious food, and crazy parties, Thailand attracts visitors from all over the world.

Also, who doesn’t want to learn how to make awesome Thai food?

My first time in Bangkok, the city ate me alive and emptied my wallet in under 24 hours.

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