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As the girls pass, she turns her head to hide the scars carved into the left side of her face, neck and shoulders that have grown with her since she was mowed down by a taxi at the age of 8. In recent weeks, the world’s attention has been focused on the horrific kidnapping of more than 270 schoolgirls in a remote corner of Nigeria.It has been shocked by the death sentence handed down by a Sudanese sharia court against a woman who is eight months pregnant for the crime of “apostasy.” But even in African nations that have adopted policies and laws aimed at empowering and protecting women and girls, violence against them remains a major challenge.

Statistics from 2011 show three-quarters of perpetrators of all rape cases were relatives, friends, neighbors, or intimate partners.But many women’s rights activists question the impact of these policies and laws on the lives of girls and women.In the aftermath of Liberia’s 14-year civil war, during which horrific acts of sexual violence against women and girls were widespread, the government took significant steps to address the issue, which remains pervasive.Unlike in many other developing countries where underage girls and boys are trafficked by crime syndicates, Liberian girls are encouraged by their peers, family and extended family who have direct or tacit knowledge about how they make their money.Some women’s rights activists say the culture of transactional underage sex is a sad legacy of Liberia’s brutal 14-year civil war, which ended a decade ago, during which young girls became “girlfriends” of men in various fighting factions to secure access to food and other material goods.

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