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We deliver a complete solution to our clients high includes fundamental and technical analysis based on Bloomberg tools.

To meet the requirements of the demanding and dynamic oil market we always react quickly to changing situations, for example in case of delivery time, changing labels, or other demands, which shows that we are always striving for customer satisfaction.

We are focusing on strong customer relationships and are supporting our customers by being flexible, fast and accurate.

In combination with our competitive pricing and up to date information of market developments we help our customers to expand their markets.

As it takes a whole week for the train to travel from one destination to the other, think of the food and water during the trip.

There is a restaurant car with daily offerings, but for many, it’s usually better to plan on bringing non-perishable food for the trip.

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Our QUALITY, FLEXIBILITY, KNOWLEDGE, excellent CUSTOMER SERVICE and COMPETITIVENESS have enabled us to find new customers as well as new markets in Europe, South America and Asia.

Covering 9259 kilometres and connecting 2 continents, the train runs through 14 regions, 90 cities, and 2 time zones.

This regular overnight train has 3 car classes and departs only on odd days.

Smarter travelers plan on breaking up the journey, spending a day or two in major city connections before continuing on for yet another day or two.

The Trans-Siberian route is one of the most complex train routes in the world and needs to be planned thoroughly that is why we've prepared a map and schedule of Trans-Siberian trains which will definitely help you to plan your trip accordingly.

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