Dating ritual

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Phone screens are inundated with profile pictures of potential partners. In a short period of time, dating apps have fundamentally altered the psychology of relationships.

How we meet, flirt, engage, have sex, date, and form lifelong partnerships has been digitally upended — a far cry from the "meeting through a mutual friend" of bygone days.

To accomplish this, they have various features including voice notes, video function, a semi-social feed, and perhaps the most promising of all, an anti-ghosting feature.paird: Designed for honest and real behaviors paird is a new app whose mission, it claims, is to create a future of dating that is honest, authentic, and decent.The platform is designed to encourage users to “keep it real” both in terms of how they present themselves (#nofilters is a thing) and in terms of how they engage with others on the site.The seemingly infinite number of potential partners, with the clever gamification of “the swipe," means that users go into the experience with an evaluative, assessment-oriented mindset.This, in turn, leads to the objectification of potential partners.

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