Dating rca victor records

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By then the 47 popular mono series was overlapping the 74 prefix series of popular stereo.The 47 popular mono series briefly continued as a continuation of the 48 prefix, which had ended at 48-0501 in 1951, with mostly Country Western 45s beginning with 48-1000.With the introduction of the 45 was also the introduction of the 45 box set, which consisted of multiple 45s creating an “album”.

These used a shallower and more closely spaced implementation of the large "standard groove" found on contemporary 78 rpm records, rather than the "microgroove" used for post-World War II 33⅓ rpm "LP" (long play) records.

RCA Victor also produced records for Montgomery Ward label during the 1930s.

Besides manufacturing records for themselves, RCA Victor operated RCA Custom which was the leading record manufacturer for independent record labels.

It was fully acquired by Bertelsmann in 1986, making it a part of Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG); however, RCA Records became a part of Sony BMG Music Entertainment, a merger between BMG and Sony Music, in 2004, and was acquired by the latter in 2008, after the dissolution of Sony BMG and the restructuring of Sony Music.

It is the second oldest record label in American history, after sister label Columbia Records.

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