Dating kentucky mandolins

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Cheap instruments tend to have flat, thin, curved, bent or canted soundboards of spruce or cedar.More expensive work has a top carved from solid spruce or Western red,, Trump Sucks, Patrice De Rendinger, Susie Butler, Martha Elizabeth Hernandez-meh, Aldo Blues D'elia, Jacob Cornell, Laurent Dugai, Benny Cortez, Osmar da Gaita, Lloyd Winter, P. - Law Office, Robson Fernandes, Laura Montenegro, Raymond Brodur, Al Carlos, Roy Harpman, Sergio Piovoso, Lush Fine Wines & Beers, OPEN MIC Peabody's Encinitas with Jay Cain, Lionel Smith Memorial Page, Entermusblues art, Simple housecleaning services, Rep.Jonathan Brostoff, Prewar Gibson Archtops, Mayor Amy Harrington, Cookie The Pug, The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra, Public Figure, On the Good News Side of the Street, Lazarus Cole “Can’t kill a Ghost “, Mountain Range Coffee, Raze the Maze, Tone Trade Productions, David And Tajci, 99 Fresno, Koka & Shisha, Scribaux Amps, Juju Tone Amps, Sausalito Art Festival, Ed Gaines Fanpage, ART 3D, Rudy Parris, House of Ju Ju, Siriusxm Bluesville, Tony Imperatrice, Imperial Dove Court De Fresno/Madera, Poverello House, Grand Finale, Europages, Mary Jane Pickups, Open Fire Camping, Koncert ART, Broken Ducks and a Fender Guitar, Elvis Presley Fans of Nashville, Winslow Yerxa Music Page, Merch Girl Jayne, Guitares Boucher, Black Hawk Aerial Services, Sound Contracting Inc., WEEDS - Corporate Headquarters, Tripak Inc., Studio 53 Productions, FEarlisha Presents, The Pink Lady Of Oakland, Youth Ensemble of Shine, Skulls Nation, Buzz Fuse, Georgia Blues and Roots Festival, Valley Music Hall of Fame, Business Services, Donald Munro: The Munro Review, Maurizio:gif.maker., The Who Info, 6 String Showdown: A Blues Guitar Celebration, Van Buren Toneworks, Mikko Kangas Photography, Fresno Open Mic, ART, Espana's Southwest Bar & Grill, Tap & Cellar, Kara Grainger Page, Dyna-Mic, Bobby Griffin, Night Flight, Still Got The Blues Music, Dust-to-Digital, Acoustic Life, Martonious Tunes Records, Witches' Brew, AJ Ghent, Fibertone guitars, Madison Renee photography, Sports-Funny Page, Atelier 653 glen delpit studio, Silver Elephant, The Starving Musician Santa Cruz, The Home Depot, Steel Master Buildings, Absolom Roche, DHgate, The Surfrajettes, Eastman Guitars, The Talko, News Net, My Crazy Page, The Old River Monte Carlo Saloon, CBS News, Mystic Music and Repair, Never Again, Roald Jungård photos, Rizalyn, Patrice Zazapat, Remove Judge M.Buyer assumes responsibility for all return shipping costs unless the item was not received as described.Special Conditions All returns require notification. We offer a 14 day, same condition, return policy for replacement.If you know of an earlier carved back “onion” shaped Celtic or Irish mandolin please drop me a line and let me know so I can add to this article.The soundboard of a Gibson mandolin is usually carved from solid spruce. The soundboard of a Celtic mandolin depends on whether it is cheap or expensive, or on the skill of the maker.

The more simple “A” models often have only one small brace between the oval sound hole and the bridge, at 90′ to the grain.

Usually, solid maple, mind the backs of quite a few A models are carved from birch. The back of a “Celtic mandolin” is usually flat or gently curved.

It wasn’t until I nagged Stefan Sobell into trying birdseye maple in the late 90s or early 00s that I saw a Celtic mandolin with a carved back rather than flat or curved like a conventional steel string guitar.

Arched work, which I find generally to be superior is usually X braced.

Nothing is ever clear cut: some makers of more “American” style work have also experimented with the X brace, the best known case, Steve Gilchrist of Australia who makes magnificent mandolins destined for the Bluegrass market, did so by having the X intersection directly below the bridge.

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