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Well, the second one enjoyed being treated like a woman sometimes too, but he thought it was sweet that I was mindful of his needs, and stuck with me for a couple of years.

I still wish they were dead, but the sentiment is more along the lines of wanting them dead violently and dramatically, not quietly put out of their misery like sick pets. Maybe they only live because they’re too chicken to die with dignity.

I just can’t make myself have sex with a guy I know in advance is going to basically punish me for not laying still like a corpse with my head turned to the side, or cooking for him, or being concerned about his wellbeing, or basically doing what a woman is supposed to do for her man. Being honest with self, upon being informed of the real issues at play, I am having an easier time now, with the two guys who dumped me for not being Jewish.

I mean, even though this is a sheeple or sellout reason, those two guys enjoyed being treated like men.

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I don’t want to be in a sick relationship wherein I am a bad caricature of an alpha male, punishing betas and gammas for historical wrongs they, in their current states of unmanliness, aren’t even capable of committing. So what I plan to do is a sort of adjusted compliance test.For those who don’t know, a compliance test is a PUA term for tests to see whether or not a woman is sufficiently submissive to function above a fuckbuddy level.If a woman reacts with hostility or lack of enthusiasm for pleasing her potential man/Lesbian partner, then she will be limited to sex-only or simply rejected.To a greater degree than in the past though, I will allow the man to lead the dance.I was already doing that, but more in the way of being a supportive and expert partner.

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