Dating in camp liberty iraq

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The Pentagon budgeted 0 million to rebuild the country’s armed forces last spring.

But experts worry that without US boots on the ground in next-door Syria, Iraq could be forced to pick up the slack, taking on an expeditionary role fighting IS across the border.

Based in Washington, Detsch examines US-Middle East relations through the lens of the Defense Department.

Detsch previously covered cybersecurity for Passcode, the Christian Science Monitor’s project on security and privacy in the Digital Age.

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Reports reveal that the military and its contractors used burn pits to dispose of anything and everything. Debate rages as to the long term effect of burn pit exposures.

These photographs were taken by soldiers and contractors who were exposed to burn pit smoke in in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Burn pit smoke would encircle the entire military base in an enormous dark ring that settled to the ground after darkfall,” Elizabeth Hilpert told the PBS News Hour.

“It will probably mean less if we buy European or Russian equipment.

The American equipment is pretty expensive, and we’re cash-strapped.” The envoy’s assessment aligns with incoming US Central Command chief, Marine Lt. Kenneth Mc Kenzie, who told Congress in December that Iraq will not be able to pay to maintain US equipment.

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