Dating im confused relationship advice

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I get a text from her saying it's not gonna work out because she doesn't want feelings/relationship right now or I guess in the future.So I'm confused, not sure what the heck happened and I just picked her brain to see what's up. We leave it at that and she goes away for a week and basically ignores a bunch of my snaps so I text her asking if she's okay with me sending her snaps and she said she wasn't sure of my intention and doesn't want to lead me on.

Put yourself back out there and you’ll find a great guy to treat you the way you deserve!She seems like she needs space right now and I think it is still early so you don't get too invested if she's already straight up told you she doesn't want a relationship.I would try not to take it personally and move on - it might take a bit of time before you can actually be friends again regardless if that's something you find that you want.It hasn’t been super consistent in November/December due to the holidays and vacation, but we’ve been on 10 dates.when we’re together we have a blast and get along really well.

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