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Hungarian units suffered tremendous losses during the German defeat at Stalingrad on the eastern front in 1942–1943.

After the defeat, Hungarian Admiral Miklos Horthy and Prime Minister Miklos Kallay recognized that Germany would likely lose the war.

It is through the enhanced cooperation mechanism that plans to develop a new unitary patent and UPC regime have been developed.

The Hungarian court said it would be unconstitutional to allow jurisdiction for resolving private legal disputes to transfer from Hungary's courts to an international institution – the UPC – that is not established within the boundaries of the EU's founding treaties, according to a summary provided by Hungary's Intellectual Property Office.

At least 13 EU countries, including the three with the most European patents in effect in 2012 – Germany, France and the UK, must pass national legislation to ratify the UPC Agreement that the countries behind the new system finalised in 2013.

While 16 EU countries, including the UK and France, have ratified the UPC Agreement to-date.

Out-Law Legal Update A stamp duty land tax (SDLT) anti avoidance provision applied to a series of transactions which included a sale of units in a Guernsey property unit trust (GPUT) and did not require a tax avoidance motive, the first tier tribunal has decided in a case involving Hannover Leasing.

The anti avoidance provision in question, section 75A of Finance Act 2003, can increase the SDLT liability where a number of transactions are involved and less SDLT is payable than if the purchaser had just acquired the property directly from the seller.

In light of the worsening military situation and facing threats (from Allied leaders) of war crimes trials, Horthy ordered a halt to the deportations on July 7, 1944.

The Hungarian police carried out the roundups and forced the Jews onto the deportation trains.

In less than two months, nearly 440,000 Jews were deported from Hungary in more than 145 trains. Thousands were also sent to the border with Austria to be used for digging fortification trenches.

The urban areas in which the Jews were forced to concentrate were enclosed and referred to as .

Sometimes the ghettos encompassed the area of a former Jewish neighborhood.

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