Dating emotionally damaged women

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I found myself asking if the guarded nature of these women inhibits their ability to date men and have fun, and surprisingly, they all answered the same way: no.They also all admitted that their friends were the single biggest source of the pressure they feel to be in a relationship.But this story plays a big part in understanding your own relationship.

You sometimes choose to accept the things about yourself, which you are unwilling to change.

I don’t know that I fully agree with that, but it’s neither here nor there! The best things come when you’re least expecting them. Everything happens for a reason, so don’t close yourself off from a potential prospect because of a looming fear of being hurt.

Do you really want to close yourself off from finding something special? But when saddled with the choice of sitting it out and playing it safe or just going for it, I’d take the risk of getting hurt any day of the week. One woman I spoke to mentioned to me that she found this amazing guy, and they get along great together, but they both recently got out of relationships and are extremely guarded.

These women told me that, because of some horrible past dating experience, they’re now scared to move forward, scarred by bad romantic memories.

One woman told me she now freaks out if a relationship escalates, and she tends to run away, leaving the situation because she couldn’t handle a serious meltdown again.

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