Dating divas road trip

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Growing up my dad used to hate road trips, and I get it now. To eat, to pee, to let our dog out, to pee again, to get more water, to change a diaper, you get the idea.

So just expect it to happen and you won’t be as stressed when your child tells you they have to pee again twenty minutes after you left the last rest stop.

Sometimes, your suitcases end up going in first, making them harder to get out.

I recommend keeping at least one back-up outfit handy for each of your kids, just in case.

I’m not even going to tell you how many times we stopped to go to the bathroom.

You might think that being in the car downtime, but it’s not.

Stop at rest stops that have playgrounds and let your kids get out and run around for a little bit.

We’ve picked up some tips along the way, but now that we have three kids and a dog, road trips are a little different.

I tried out a few new things on our travels and really figured out what helps make our road trips go smoothly.

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