Dating denise john richards stamos

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He announced Sunday that he and wife Caitlyn Mc Hugh have welcomed a son named Billy, after Stamos' father."From now on the best part of me will always be my wife and my son," the actor wrote in tenderly introducing his baby boy to the world.

Not that the actor and musician is the first fellow in Hollywood to abide by the George Clooney Guide to Life (and neither was George Clooney), but had had long since been lapped by ex-wife Rebecca Romijnin the moving-on department and he never noticeably got serious with anyone for almost 12 years.

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The couple tied the knot in 1998 and the missus memorably changed her name to Rebecca Romijn-Stamos.That's the key."Stamos also admitted that it had been hard for him to stay out of trouble when he wasn't super-busy, but he was slowly learning to cope better with free time."I'm trying, I swear to God I'm trying," he told ."It's not as much fun, but you have to be responsible. Part of being undisciplined for the past five or six years is that I didn't work as much as it looked like.(Meanwhile, as he told the story to Stern, he was also friends with both Sheen and Locklear's ex Richie Sambora.) He also admitted to doing the deed on camera a few times, but "for the few times I've done it, I have the video and I have it on a hard drive in my safe."But by 2009 he was already wondering if the 46-year-old bachelor behavior was becoming a little cliché."Running around town, dating a lot of people—it's a sign of holding onto your youth," he said."I'm getting to the age when there are girls that are too young.

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