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But you might also have one of those unicorn ex situations, where you’re able to turn a past relationship into genuine friendship—or as one person put it, “exes with friend benefits.” I talked to one woman whose high school boyfriend wound up as best man in her wedding.

Another traveled and co-authored a newsletter with her college sweetheart.

And it’s only in the past few months that I wake up and truly look forward to the day ahead.

For most people though, good ex experiences fall somewhere in the middle, in the form of past partners who DM you congrats when they hear your podcast debut, say happy birthday, or recommend you for a job opportunity.

In other words, the ideal ex strikes the balance between being , in your life.

When Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” hit the airwaves six months ago, it felt like a break in ex protocol.

Rather than wallowing in soul-crushing post-breakup sadness or fiery rage, it became trendy—enlightened, even—to think And, with the planet melting, maybe now isn’t the time to harbor grudges against our former flames.

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