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She left school at the age of thirteen and started an apprenticeship with local potters learning her trade. The Managing Director of the Company, Colley Shorter was informed of her talent by her decorating manager Jack Walker, and soon sent her to the, Royal School of Art in London to further develop her skills.The result was that the company set up a separate studio from which she could experiment with new designs.This vase, urn or jug in the Lotus shape is in perfect condition. Sue hasn’t had much affection for the vase, except that it once belonged to dearly departed Hilda. If Sue can find a home for this vase, with a collector who will appreciate it so much more than she has, she’ll shout her mum on a weekend getaway somewhere special!Should you wish to purchase, we’ll throw in a copy of the magazine that features the article & Sue will pack your purchase with love and like a caretaker of a little piece of history, send it on it’s way.Colley Shorter died in 1963, after which Clarice Cliff left the business world, selling the two firms to Midwinters in 1964 and living quietly in retirement in the suburb of Clayton, south of Stoke-on-Trent. Midwinters was merged with J & G Meakin in 1968 and became part of the Wedgwood Group in 1970.Since then Clarice Cliff wares have become highly collectable, with prices running into thousands of pounds for exceptional pieces.

Clarice used the geometric shapes of Art Deco, but she also worked in shapes of figures as well as abstract shapes.

Clarice Cliff and Colley Shorter were married in 1940, soon after the death of his first wife, who had been an invalid for many years.

The Newport pottery was taken over as a government store and by the time the War ended Clarice discovered that tastes had changed and mass production methods pushed out hand painted pottery.

Since the Morpeth Antique Centre opened a few years ago, Sue has learnt that collectors love Clarice Cliff. An article published in the Australian Antiques & Collectables for Pleasure & Profit on Susie Cooper versus Clarice Cliff only added to the Clarice collecting frenzy at the centre. The pattern is ‘Rhodanthe’ and it dates from 1934-1941.

Not daring to hope, but recognising it as looking like a Clarice design, Sue decided to look a little closer at the vase and to her amazement she discovered the Bizarre Clarice Cliff backstamp on the base. ‘Rhodanthe’ design was painted onto tea ware, plates & this vase.

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