Dating and friendship

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BUT if one person feels like it's more of a friendship, then it's friendship. A couple of us (including me) said the difference is how you feel about them, that you want to be in a relationship rather than being just friends (with possible sexual attraction).

He did not very much understand this, as he didn't necessarily feel any different towards friends vs.

Applying positive and negative face to relationships is just something I've noticed about successful and unsuccessful relationships in my own & my friends experiences.This is not really a tangible thing and, at least for me, extremely hard to explain (I don't want to be one of those people who says 'when you know, you just know', but it feels like it does come down to that).The person who initially asked the question (and about two others) concluded he did not feel a very specific 'romantic' attraction to anyone, while he did enjoy being close and intimate with his friends and girlfriends.A girl/boyfriend will be high in all these categories of attraction with emotional being the most important of the 3.The difference between relationship and friendship is a relationship will have high emotional and sexual attraction.

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