Dating a quiet person

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Just relax and take things as they come and we'll hope things turn out good. It doesn't have to be confrontational, just figure out what you want/need and talk to her about it. What specifically would make you feel more comfortable in this relationship?

And also, I have some friends who are in party mode while single, but once they are with someone they settle down.

The flirting is probably just something she does and as you two get more serious she might tone it down a bit. it sounds like you don't like that a) she is wearing a promise ring of sorts and B) she pushes you to the background when you two are out partying.

Also keep in mind that you've only been officially dating a week and going out just a couple of weeks so it is too soon to expect any kind of commitment from her. We can all sit here and speculate about the mixed signals and share our personal experiences - but really these are things you need to talk to her about (especially the ring).

The numbers are staggering.) This first one is perhaps the biggest reason of all.

Keep in mind the next six are just sort-of off shoots of this one. When you know something or someone is a mystery, the actions may not be predictable, but the person, in a strange way is totally predictable. She can predict that therefore this engages or triggers her to want to know or get more from him.

I'm the kind of guy who will go to a few parties, and socialize with some people, but overall I can be a more kept to myself type of person.

First, she can’t help but to wonder what’s going on inside his head – more mystery – it entices her to get things out of him which he won’t share with another woman. Second – it shows strength beyond what she might feel comfortable about in herself. Third – it proves to her without a doubt he is in complete control and can handle adversity sometimes again, better than her.

The reason we’re going deeper into them is to show HOW to be this guy and to fully explain why it works so you’ll never have to ask or research this question again. What she can not predict is how, when, or what she can get out of him. She can not predict his actions and that alone makes her want to know even more. She might find herself chasing him blindly, waiting patiently, or so frustrated it drives her crazy.

Here’s where I show you HOW to be the ultimate challenge to women: “People (men AND women), respond to a real challenge in two ways: They either give up (while sometimes trying and failing or by not trying at all ) OR they get EXCITED by it and rise up to the challenge.” The next reason is my favorite because of the words are a mystery themselves. When there becomes an emotional attachment to him or figuring him out, her attraction becomes deeper and more influential in her life. Predictive behavior by a man can also be considered “reliable” which generally shows a woman that a guy is a “relationship” type of guy. Less predictive behavior like not calling too often, not always showing up, a little unreliable, a little wild and untamed are traits of a man who might not be a relationship ready. Either way it sets up an enormous amount of attraction which can only build.

If things don’t progress and the challenge remains along with the mystery, the quietness, and the excitement, she could go years thinking and over-thinking about it without even ever having been with guy.

(Trust me I get literally thousands of searches a day from women who just can not figure a guy out – because he is silent, went quiet, gave her a little and then disappeared, and more.

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