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I know he won a few races in his time, and I have a "second prize" silver set of spoons from 1954 that was presented to him at West Town Hall at a Geelong West Cycling Club presentation evening. "Western District Road Road Championships/Horsham 1991/Junior Teams Time Trial/First Geelong/R. The life member medals have GACC Life Member inscribed on the pin bar and the logo of the GACC represented on the medal.

Dad's name was Robin Evans and he would have been 15 in 1954. The place getter medals have inscriptions of race place getters and the race events inscribed on them.

I believe he rode in the Warrnambool/Melbourne race in 1930, 19. "VACU/Senior Road Premership/1967/1968/1969/1970/Won by Geelong/R J Hine/D. The list of his achievements in this framed photograph indicates just how successful he was on the international cycling stage. "GACC/Office Bearers/President - Secretary/1955 Hunt J/1956 Lockwood EJ/1957/Lockwood EJ/1958 Lockwood EJ/1959 Lockwood EJ/1963/Lockwood EJ/1964 Holliday RS/1965 Holliday RS/ 1966 Neagle ME/ 1968 Johnston RA/1969 Johnston RA/ 1970 Rodgers NA/1971 Rodgers NA/1972 Wood R/1976 Wood R/1977 Buckwell R/ 1978 Buckwell R/ 1979 Dillon M/ 1980 Dillon M/ 1981 Buckwell R/ 1982 Bush E/ Lockwood EJ/Lockwood EJ/Hunt J/Hunt J/Coppins H/ Reed J. Jordan R/Jordan R/Jordan R /Jordan R/ Taylor G/Jordan R/Thomson D/Thomson D/Hose A/Alerton G/ Alerton G/Alerton G/Presented by /J Reed and J Hunt” 3 Leather padded helmets and 1 slim line padded leather/plastic helmut. Item II has a head protector without ear flaps c 1940s Item III has a head protector with flaps c 1950s.It is best to divide and conquer at the training then share out to the whole eboard information gained.Please make sure your CCC site is up to date with your current executive board members.For some jurisdictions caselaw has decisions and judgments dating back to 1988.It has information on where to access earlier ones.

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