Cuttino mobley dating history

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Without his contributions off the bench, the Rockets may have struggled to clinch their championships. Robert Reid was a member of the Rockets from 1977-1988, though he missed the entire 1982-83 season.He retired at the age of 27, only to return the following season to the Rockets.In order to determine what sets certain players apart from others, several components were looked at. 1 overall selection in the NBA draft helped many candidates, as did appearances on All-NBA teams or winning the Rookie of the Year award.Players who played a majority of their careers with the Rockets also saw bumps in the rankings.Mutombo's famous taunts after blocking shots and his overwhelming presence in the paint made him useful to Houston even in the latter stages of his career.He only averaged 2.9 points, 5.1 rebounds and 1.1 blocks per game with Houston, but did manage to shoot 50.1 percent from the floor.Ever since the team's days as the San Diego Rockets, they have only grabbed two NBA championships, however.The criteria for making this list are difficult relative to the competition, but not all that difficult in terms of understanding.

Other than his shooting, though, his numbers weren't great across the board.

He only averaged 8.7 points and 4.7 rebounds per game and wasn't a member of any championship-caliber teams.

He services were put to use, but they weren't used in the same way they have been over the past two seasons with the Miami Heat.

Given Reid's lack of hardware during his tenure in Houston, he comes in pretty low on this list.

He's ahead of Sam Cassell, a player with two championships with the Rockets, because of his longevity with the team.

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